Religion During The Enlightenment

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During the Enlightenment many began to explore the natural sciences in attempt to explain the existence of God and the origins of man. Although the Enlightenment is not the only era that humanity has tried to explain the existence of God and the origin of humanity, it is important in the development of the middle Ages and the turn into the Modern World. The most important moment in the debate between science and faith is during the Enlightenment, because before this movement, the church was the main cultural and religious influence. During the Enlightenment people began to explain the existence of God and the origins of humanity through science instead of faith.

The Enlightenment. Some scholars argue that the Enlightenment began the in the early (date) which this can be argued. Regardless of when the Enlightenment began, it is firmly agreed upon that the Renaissance was “the earliest and most
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The Renaissance began after the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages were mostly undocumented and left a gap in our knowledge of what happened during the era. Historians say that the Renaissance began as a cultural movement in Italy, (quote about date). The Renaissance was influenced by Greek and Roman art and culture. Information about the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment began during the Renaissance. Comparing the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment focused more on the progression of describe the physical world through science, math, and philosophy. The Church During the Enlightenment. After the death of Christ in 33 AD and until the 4th century was prohibited and enforced in Europe. This prohibition was not removed until the Emperor Constantine the 2nd of Rome in 337 AD came to power. By 394 AD the official religion in Rome was Christianity. In the year (date) the Roman Empire was divided into two parts, Western Rome and Eastern Rome.
Christianity took hold in the Western Empire and was called the Roman Catholic