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Chevon Cummings
January 11th, 2015
Mr. O’Neill

The Contribution of Religion to Society Essay

Cardinal Collins’ speech on the contributions that religion makes to society has many valid points regarding the impact religion contributes to our daily lives. His view illustrates the many ways religion is an active participant in our society today. In his speech he focuses on the four main contributions religion has a positive effect on in society. I found that Cardinal Collins’ view on the four main contributions to be very insightful as he was able to thoroughly explain the large impact religion has on society. Cardinal Collins’ spoke about four main contributions that religion has on todays’ society; the first contribution that Cardinal Collins talks about is that religion enhances local communities in which relationships can flourish. By this, Cardinal Collin’s is saying that religion enhances local communities so that we are able to form stronger relationships with each other. This contribution is seen in our everyday lives from many different organizations’ in our community. A great example of this is the soup kitchens that are found in our communities. The church is a big supporter of those in need, this organization allows people to come together and form stronger relationships while helping those who are in need with the aid of our churches. In Cardinal Collins’ speech he states “church supports the right of people to join together to form co-operations and unions.” This quote relates tremendously with the first contribution.

The second reason Cardinal Collins’ stated that religion has a great contribution to todays’ society is that religious communities make massive contributions to the common good of all societies through deeds of charity and social action. Many churches have a strong belief in helping those who are in need. In the article I found that many religions around the world have a huge contribution to the common good of their society. Cardinal Collins’ stated a few organizations that our churches here in our communities make a big impact on such as ShareLife and St. Vincent de Paul Society. I agree immensely with Cardinal Collins’ because I have seen these organizations in my community make a big impact to those who are in need. The next contribution Cardinal Collin’s talks about is how religious people may well disagree on important issues of doctrine, but they have along tradition of working together to address social issues. Cardinal Collins’ is discussing how religious communities come together to confront the issues our society is facing today. This contribution references that religious people who take part in democratic conversation bring uniqueness to the table; they bring tradition and ancient wisdom, and a…