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Adashia Chance
Mr. Eric Luke
World History
8 May 2015
Religious Comparison Essay Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are western religions, all growing from the ideas of the same God. The three religions are closely related. While each religion is unique and different there are many similarities due to the common beginnings. The three religions are sometimes referred as the “Abrahamic religions” because they trace their history back to Abraham in the Hebrew bible. The traditions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism began with the founder of the Hebrews- Abraham. As I first stated the three religions are traced back to Abraham in the Hebrew Bible. However, each religion has their own founder or leader. Islam has no founder but was spread by Muhammad. The teachings of the Muslim people were based off of the teachings taught by Muhammad. Jesus is the founder of Christianity. The Hebrew people has Abraham as their founder. They believe the identity of Jesus is a false prophet.
All Abrahamic religions are considered to be monotheistic which is the belief of one God is. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism believe that their sacred text to be the Word of God. In Christianity the sacred text is the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth). For Islam the Qur’an is their sacred text. However, for Judaism, it is the Hebrew bible or Tanakh. Each religion has a belief in one God, but refer to their God as different things. Islam refers to their God as Allah (Arabic for God). Christians refer to God as God. As for Judaism they refer to God as Yahweh. Although they are not called the same thing they have the same meanings. Every religion has beliefs, some may be very similar, and some may vary.