Religion: Five Precepts and Church Essay

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There are many parts of the church and there are many teachings. One of the teachings is known as the four Marks of the Church. The four Marks of the Church are, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Another one of the teachings is known as the five Precepts of the Church. The five Precepts of the Church are, invites us to regular mass, invites us to Eucharist in Easter season, invites us to reconciliation at least once a year, ask us to fall abstinent on certain days, and needs us to support the church. It’s hard to chose one that is the most important. Many of these could pertain to me as a young adult. I think that going to regular mass and to fall abstinent on certain days would probably be the hardest for me. It is hard for high school students to get up early in the morning even though we all know that we should go. I know that I should be going but after a long week of waking up early it is hard to get myself up that early. The weekend is supposed to be a time to finally rest after along week and when I have to get up early on a weekend it is just really hard to get myself up. It is also hard for anyone to be fall abstinent on certain days. It is hard to tell yourself that you cannot have something or cannot do something. Though both falling abstinent and going to regular mass are both difficult to do I think going to mass is harder. Going to mass is also the most important. When you go to mass you learn about you faith. Although I go to mass every week, I