Religion - Good or Bad? Essay example

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Tazkira Shafat Sattar
Sheikh Shams
ELP 601
4th December 2008

Religion Causes More Harm Than Good

It’s the twenty first century. Scientists have found evidence of water on Mars, they have successfully cloned human embryos, and everyday, they are getting closer to finding a cure for cancer. Still, in a world of groundbreaking facts and evidences, where the newest discovery leaves older ones out of commission, we fool ourselves into blindly putting faith on a series of chronicles conceived during the primitive age. Religion probably started out as a result of mankind trying to explain the physical world, but then became a tool to control and oppress, a reason for bloodshed and hate. While religion may have been of great help in
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It is the duty of all the followers to read the holy writings and to answer back in prayer. All religions are intimately linked with morality. Religion is to be displayed by showing concern for others and in personal and social ethical behaviour. As monotheistic religions, sharing communal ancestors, beliefs and rituals, they would appear to be capable of coexistence by nature. But such congenial relationships have been very rare. This is possibly because all three religions feel that they have come the nearest to the fundamental truths of God and that the others have failed to acknowledge this. Both Islam and Christianity blame Judaism of obstinately refusing to recognize later revelations that alter its initial truths. Both Judaism and Islam accuse Christianity of claiming that God begat a son who walked the earth in human form. Both Christianity and Judaism claim that God did not give a concluding revelation to Muhammad. Secondly, as religion expanded, it wanted the help of government; often it sought to be the government, as the most efficient way to reinforce truth was by power. This led to conflicts over tax levy, office, land, and public acceptance of architectural symbols. As we know, power begets corruption. So even though these religions may have started