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Daria Moslehi
7 October 2014 Final Journal- Summative Firstly, I believe in God. I believe in the Catholic faith; however I accept other religions as well. I have grown up in a multicultural family so learning two different religions influenced me to be very open minded. In the discussion, topics like “religion causing war” was discussed. Faith is something we practice and include in our daily lives by doing good deeds, loving God (gods) and sharing God’s (gods) word. People try to use religion as an excuse for war, so religion starts to seem to divide us and push us apart, however I strongly believe that religion isn't the cause of wars. I believe that it is the very closed minded people who divide us.

The video brings up various opinions, beliefs, and religions. We all come from numerous backgrounds and are raised so differently that not everyone is going to be on the same page about religion. Even if two people are Catholic, one may believe a part of the bible is not true and one may believe it is all true. In saying that, we all have our own opinions and it is not okay to bash other people’s religious beliefs just because you may not agree. Religion has never been about who is right and who is wrong. Are you really following your religion by bashing others? Religion is about having faith and practising faith. Even though we all have different beliefs and practices we all have one thing in common. That is, that we all believe that there is a higher being. Someone or something that brought us to this earth that cannot be explained by science. That is something we should all appreciate in each other.

During the discussion, many questions were asked, such as “what do you believe in?” and “what is the purpose of life?” In the video, someone said that “it’s wrong to assign a purpose in life.” From my point of view, life is more than just going through the stages, like getting a job, paying bills, having kids and so on. Life is about having a purpose. I feel like when people hear that, they think that it has to be something that changes the world or only the “chosen one” has a purpose. When really, it is not like that at all. Life is about setting goals, having dreams and working towards them. Life has no direction without that. A purpose is essential for the soul. As individuals we define our purpose. It is something that comes from within but may also come from God, and if people wander throughout life without a purpose than they can't reach their full potential because they don't commit to anything, whatever that may be. Personally, my purpose is to be kind to others, help who I can, learn from every situation, be successful in whatever I do, to not stress over things I cannot change, be brave, and to be happy.