Religion In Public Schools

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There are many different types of ways to incorporate religion in school, however the main consensus is that religious activities in public schools violate the establishment clause of the First Amendment. Professor Warren Nord would argue that without religion in schools, how will students learn about our history, such as the conflict in the Middle East. (Rogers, 2011) Bible readings are considered illegal, but if the Bible is used for secular purpose it would be allowed (Essex, 2012). With that, it’s crucial that teachers know the difference between what is permitted and what isn’t under the First Amendment and its clauses.

2. What is the legal issue surrounding both the poster and the biblical story?
The legal issue surrounding both the poster and the story are that the student is bringing religion into the public school as well as exposing others to subject matter that may or may not agree with their personal beliefs. While many school officials shy away from endorsing Bible teaching for
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What does it sound like? What does it feel like?
Use the following organizer to brainstorm your responses.

Looks like Sounds like Feels like
An ethical educator assumes responsibility and accountability for their performance and continually works to demonstrate competence. They work to maintain the dignity of the profession by respecting the law, and by showing personal integrity. The ethical educator continues to attend in professional growth opportunities. They comply with written local school policies and applicable rules that are not in conflict with this code of ethics. Ethical educators don’t expect a coworker to defend their freedom of choice, and they strive to eliminate pressure that force teachers to support actions and ideas that could go against personal