Religion in school Essay

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Many religious people want their own religion to be taught to their kids in school so they know more about it in the future and so they get people to convert to their religion easier because they know more about it. The first amendment states that “congress shall make no law respecting establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Now a days they have separation of church and state. Many people believe that praying in public like at a football game or graduations it is nothing different from one who is saying the pledge of allegiance. So if they can respect when people say that and they are proud of their country then people should understand that some are very proud of their religion and should be allowed to show it no matter where they are. The people who wish to have this tought in schools are offended that while they are fighting for this meanwhile the students across the U.S. are being taught about Hitler, cults, and some devil worship. Also religious school scholarships get a lot of interest because it shows you are not just another full member of the political community. So there are plenty of benefits if one just looks around but it is not fair that the schools are not allowing religion to be taught and if not for only that but they put “guidelines” in some schools to show the rules about praying and other religious features. All this needs to change or even some people think that if minor things would change it could have a great impact on some lives.
The people that are against religion being taught in schools think that they give fair enough opportunities but teaching it can cause problems such as big arguments in the middle of class when evolution is being taught in a science environment, or the fact that a Christian could care less about learning something of the Muslim nature. Opening up to the fact of this being taught can open up all new sorts of religious things such as students wanting wiccan to be taught like every other religion. And not being taught about their religion in school is not the reason that kid are rebelling and getting into sex and drug which a lot of people have blamed legislators for. They do not want to knock out the bible completely from your live just the 9 hours used to learn about history, math, English, and ext... Should be used for those purposes only and can have a bible and prayer session after school. Many important things are learned and taught in schools and that’s the only time. Religion you can learn about any time and get taught about it every Sunday, there is little time you get time with a teacher to sit down and overlook your math that you were failing or science test you needed help on. They understand that many people have very strong beliefs and would like their kids to understand it as well but they don’t believe that school is the most appropriate time for that and think that the people how fight for this so strongly need to take some other time when nothing so serious about the future of their kid is being taught to them in a class room.
In my opinion I strongly believe that religion is a very important part of someone’s