A Brief Note On Religion In Schools

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Religion in Schools

1. I think that it should not be up to the state or the school administrators to make a decision. I think it should be the teacher’s decision to or to not practice religion in schools.
2. I don’t go to church a lot but I do believe to god and pray to him every night. I think that that the division should be restricted to some other areas as well as including funding. I think that no only should the state support but help finance the church to make sure that everything is as it should be. I also think that funding should to support for education of kids in religious schools.
3. I believe that having the freedom of the first revision should give us a say and our rights to freedom of press, speech and the entitlement to appeal. I think that the right to religion constitutes the freedom to worship anywhere at any given time. This would include schools, government buildings and even places of worship.
It’s my belief that first thing would be observation is partly steady. School’s do not support the children to contribute or discuss religious activities. I believe it is okay for a child or for children to sit at lunch and be able to thank god or say a pray for their food. Since it is not instructed by a state administrator they should have the freedom to do so. Secondly I think that the government should not say that the state believes that it is best to separate religion and school. Children would praise and believe in god