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Luke the gospel in context

Jesus calls his first disciples (Luke 5: 1-11)

Observe: this passage is about Jesus seeing the fishermen as faithful people and they become his disciples. Jesus begins to show crowd how to catch fish and then turns to Simon and tells him to release the nets one last time. Simon has little trust in Jesus as the fishermen have been fishing all night and haven't caught anything. Simon then releases the net and soon enough they catch a multitude of fish that almost broke the net. Simon then signalled to the other fishermen to come over and help. As they filled the boats there were so many fish that the boats started to sink. As they went back to shore Simon went to his knees asking Jesus to stay away as he had not trusted Jesus. Jesus then forgives Simon and leads him and the fishermen on his journey.

Luke's intended audience is everyone because he thought everyone should be able to experience god. The purpose of his passages is to tell everyone about Jesus's life. Luke makes his gospel easy to understand so people of all religions are able to read it and learn about jesus and hat he did in his life.

This passage is telling us that you should never give up because if you try your hardest you will get something out of it. Also patience is another very important message. In the passage Jesus didn't choose lazy self centred people, he chose men who put in 100 percent even if they didn't catch anything for days. This passage is a recount on how Jesus found his…