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Jehovah Witnesses I want to first start off with a little history of the Jehovah Witnesses. How they got started is a small group of ministers looked up every scripture using the bible concordance. Then the minister came up with a conclusion in which they agreed this is what the bible teaches. They believe that the man is a soul instead of a man has a soul, therefore the soul can die. Charles Taze Russell wrote the first watch tower called “Zion’s Watch Tower & Hearld of Christ’s Presence” which was published July 1879 in Pittsburgh, PA. The book was written in all languages and they only accepted donations for the book. In 1899 is when they first started handing out tracks to people and talking to them about the Jehovah Witnesses. They were taught that all true Christian has the ability to preach. The misconceptions I have about the religions were many. The big misconception I have about the religions is the 144,000 thousand will go to heaven and rule as kings with Jesus Christ. The great crowd Jehovah Witnesses which are left will live here on earth forever in paradise. I really don’t believe that because at the end of time everyone is going to be judged according to there deeds. The only king in heaven is Jesus Christ and he has no equals. I believe that when the time comes to go to heaven if people do make it in they will all be angels. Another misconception I have is the Jehovah Witnesses believe that Jesus Christ returned in 1914 on earth. Jesus returned invisible in 1914 and has been here since then in his invisible presence. The witnesses believe Satan was cast down from heaven to earth in that year to destroy. The evidence is World War I and II and other ones. I don’t believe Jesus Christ has came down to earth yet because we would know it if he did. Satan has always been on this earth since God kicked him out of heaven. He was a beautiful angel but got a little bit ahead of himself so God got rid of
Jehovah Witnesses him. The witnesses believe that Jesus was Michael the Archangel before he came to earth. Once Jesus got on earth he became a man which was the son of God. Jesus and Michael were two completely different people. The bible nowhere identified Jesus as Michael or any other angel for that matter. Hebrews 1:5-8 draws a clear distinction between Jesus and the angels, “For to which of the angels did God ever say, you are my Son; today I have become your Father”. Michael the archangel is perhaps the highest of all the angels and the only angel in the bible who is designated “the archangel” (Jude verse 9). I don’t think that my prior understanding about this religion was not at all altered through my encounter. They believe there is only one true religion which is Jehovah and that is a fact. The witnesses truly believe that they are saved and if you don’t belong to the organization (truth) you are lost. I have talked to a few Jehovah Witnesses and that is a true statement. They hold themselves separate from everyone else in the world. The witnesses alone being true followers is why it’s so important for them to go out and witness. They remind themselves to remain separate or distinctly different from the rest of the world around them. They do this in the highest name of Jehovah God’s kingdom. The witnesses believe most of the people in the world don’t understand what’s God kingdom is. Jehovah witnesses alone are the only ones who really know the truth about the kingdom. God’s kingdom is God’s government and every kingdom or government has a ruler. The witnesses believe that Jesus is