Religion: Moses and God Essay

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Jake San Filipo

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God’s call God’s call to the individual can be very mysterious. Many people can get called, and repel it for quite a while. We don’t understand that we need to answer this call, and we cannot ignore it. Each person has a unique call from God, and to not answer it wouldn’t be wise. You need to answer your call; finding a way to do that will be very hard, but you need to trust in God and find out how to answer your call.

How do you answer your call? There are many different ways to answer your call, and one of them is by looking at one of the stories in the bible. The scene of Moses at the burning bush (exod. 3) is a great story of someone answering his or her call to God. One day Moses was keeping the flock of his father-in-law jethro; he led his flock beyond the wilderness, and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. As he was walking up to the mountain, the Angel of God appeared in a burning bush. God says, “I have observed the misery of my people who are in Egypt”, and then went on about how he will bring them up out of the land to a land flowing with milk and honey. So God’s call to Moses is to go down to the pharaoh in Egypt, and bring his people, the Israelites, out of Egypt. So he listened to God, and took his wife and his sons, put them on a donkey, and went back to the land of Egypt to find his people and retrieve them for the Lord. Moses answered his call from God, because he knew that it is his destiny. His destiny is to save his own kin, or more importantly; the people of God. Moses wouldn’t leave the call to be unanswered, because he knew that it would mean letting down God, and the future of the people of Israel, and the covenant itself. You can connect everyday life things to this situation. Like if your father asks you to pick up your little brother from soccer practice. Which is in a form, God calling responsibility from you through your father. If you don’t pick him up, then that would mean you would be letting your father down, and your brother down; possibly even the future of your little brothers life, because he could be kidnapped. So you could look to the story of Moses, and know that it is your duty to answer your call, or that could mean letting down your loved ones.

There are plenty of scenes in the bible where characters must answer a call from God. Another scene in the bible where God calls an individual is the book of numbers, chapter 20. Once Moses brought the Israelites out of Egypt and into the wilderness they ended up with no water for the congregation. The people gathered up against Moses and Aaron, and asked them why they brought the assembly of the Lord into the wilderness for them to die along with there live stock. Then Moses and Aaron went away from the congregation, and into the tent of meeting. God told Moses and his brother to take the staff, and command the rock to provide water for the congregation. So Moses took the staff as the Lord ordered him to, and struck the rock twice. Immediately water spurted out of the rock for the congregation and livestock to drink. Once