Religion: Nutrition and Children Essays

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David Gaydos
Mrs. McIntyre
Biology/ Block F
2 May, 2011
3 Paragraph Reflection From the research that I took on childhood obesity and improving cardiac fitness I learned that staying active not only improves your health, but it help to keep your body more mentally alert. That improvement of childhood cardiac fitness will decrease the number of children that are recorded to be obese. One of the shocking facts that really changed my view on childhood obesity is that in the United States one in three children is obese. Improving children’s cardiac fitness should the worry of the United States because the children are the future of our country and we shouldn’t be losing them to obesity. Childhood obesity is something that should be stopped by the parents of the children because if they really cared they would help their children and encourage them to stay active. From my visit with younger students I learned that a major reason as to why children are becoming lazy is because of the major improvement in technology. Because technology is improving at such a fast rate children always want the newest electronics and games that come out. I also learned that children are losing interest in the physical activities that they loved to do before they had this new game. Another topic that came up while I was with the children is that because adults in today’s society have so much stress and worries of their own they don’t have time to feed their children the right healthy food they always need to maintain a healthy life. So because of the lack of the time parents have they feed their children