Religion: Prison and United States Essay

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Capital Punishment

My view on capital punishment is that although we feel it is justified and moral as a punishment for extreme crimes, it is ultimately unacceptable. I am torn with the concept of “an eye for an eye” and the necessity that a punishment be served to horrible crimes. It feels correct that we should put forth ultimate punishments for ultimate crimes, but through the various things I have learned throughout my life, capital punishment is not approved by any of them. Capital punishment only lowers our government to the level of the criminals themselves, depriving us of the honor we are attempting to exhibit by punishing the evildoer. Moreover, I do not think that the United States should allow this practice to be legal. I do not think it should be allowed because the United States is reflecting each and everyone of its citizens and to portray that they are willing to kill as a means of punishment, shows them to be barbaric. Also they are killing their own citizens, who they are supposed to be serving, which alone is absurd that they would kill the people they are working for. Also death is the ultimate destruction of life, which is to extreme for the government to take away from someone. There are limits to the jurisdiction of the government and I feel the time of their own citizen’s death is where this line is drawn. The concept of deterrence is not considerable in this situation because a life sentence in jail is practically the same thing as capital punishment, aside from the forced death. A life sentence would scare a person willing to commit the crimes that would…