Secularism In The 21st Century

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Brett Dunkley
PHIL 193-02
Ch13 Religion in the 21st century
Due 5/6

2. Globalization is the process of mixing together people from different regions which were once isolated from each other. Secularism is the process of people breaking away from their beliefs. Both of these ideas have made an impact on religion or perhaps the other way around. Religious conflict had arose from people because of the mixture of beliefs and the fact that they were co inhabiting with their religious enemies. Fisher says the Western ways tend to dominate the other cultures which become submerged. Today, secularism has become the term to describe the separation of church and state. The government is supposed to respect the rights of the citizens; so it would not be fair to name Christianity or any other religion the chosen religion of the people when the U.S.A is a giant melting pot of different beliefs.
3. Exclusivism is when a person is deeply committed in their religion, whereas universalism is when a person may be born into one religion, but still somehow learns to have inner connections with other religions. Inclusiveness is when a person thinks their religion goes beyond all other religions, yet the others religions still may exist. Pluralism is when a person holds their faith, but asks others about their faith so that they can understand them. In my opinion most of these responses are good because it is appropriate to learn about other people’s religions. I feel people