Essay about Religion: Religion and Orang Asli Malaysia

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Kaitlyn McGhee Written Assignment #2
Similarities and Differences One of the similarities that I thought of is that they’re both not just one religion. They’re made up and have more than one religion in them. Another similarity I’ve found is that they’re pretty much the same thing. I read something that said that Hinduism is the indigenous religion of India, so that’s where I got the idea of them being the same thing. A difference between them is that they believe that reincarnation happens in different ways. Another difference is that Hinduism doesn’t have a founder and some of the indigenous religions do. I’m not sure if all of the indigenous religions have founders.
Compare and Contrast The Orang Asli Malaysia believed in being kind to the forest and they farmed. They lived with great respect to the forest animals and the invisible spirits around them. The Swadhyaya Movement believes that god gives them energy to work on their farms and that god is entitled to a share of their produce. They also believe in work as worship. The Dharmic Principles also set aside a portion of their farm land that’s called “God’s Farm” that they all work on voluntarily. I believe that the beliefs in this culture would be pretty easy in native cultures because they’re normally all about giving to God. Most native cultures aren’t greedy like most people so I personally think that the beliefs of the Orang and Dharmic would be really simple for them. It may take time to get used to it, but I’m sure they would adapt to it. I think it would very difficult for these beliefs to make it in places like Chicago and New York because people now-a-days are very greedy. They don’t like to share and think that what they have isn’t for anyone else, it’s just for them. Especially in today’s day in age, people just don’t like to give up what is theirs. They are different because the Orang believes in multiple “Gods” or “spirits”. The Dharmic Principles believe in just one, I’m pretty sure. Also, the Dharmic believe that Gods gives them the energy to work and think that he deserves a portion of their land. I don’t think the Oran Asli Malaysia people think that, I think that they think that there are multiple different gods that stand and watch over different things.
I think that we should balance the way of these people’s lives and