Religion Review

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Religion Exam Review

Part A: True/False
Part B: Matching
Part C: Multiple Choice
Part D: Definitions
Part E: Short Answer
Part F: Essay Reflection

Part A: True/False
These are not in order.

1. TRUE||The number of sacraments in the Catholic Church is seven
2. TRUE||Catholic Social Teaching has us “reflect, judge, and act”
3. FALSE||Charity is a good substitute for justice
4. TRUE||The wedding at Cana was Jesus’ first miracle
5. TRUE||As human beings, we are called to be co-creators with God
6. TRUE||Lent prepares us for the death and resurrection of Jesus
7. TRUE||Sin has lead humans to abuse the gift of creation
8. TRUE||Moses received his call from God at the burning of the bush
9. FALSE||The “STOP” sign is a process for setting goals
10. FALSE||Faith, hope and charity are cardinal virtues
11. FALSE||Vatican II calls together all priests from around the world to gather in Rome
12. FALSE||The church celebrates sacraments with very little symbolism
13. FALSE||Yahweh revealed the 10 Commandments to Abraham on Mount Sinai
14. TRUE||Human dignity does not have to be earned
15. FALSE||Martin Luther King was not successful in achieving his dream
16. TRUE||The most fundamental human right is the right to life
17. TRUE||Abortions are legal in Canada
18. FALSE||Euthanasia is legal in Canada
19. FALSE||Capital Punishment is legal in Canada
20. FALSE||Robert Latimer went through the court system so he could have assisted suicide
21. TRUE||The most common form of capital punishment in Canada was hanging
22. TRUE||Inmates waiting for the death penalty live on death row
23. FALSE||A saint is a special person who delivers messages from God to the people
24. TRUE||The biggest prophet of the New Testament was Jesus
25. FALSE||The four marks of the church are One, Holy, Catholic and Holy Spirit

Part B: Matching
Match the term to the definition.

Formula for prayer: centre, listen, respond
Prayer to Mary: Hail Mary
Apostles: the twelve primary disciples of Jesus
Prudence: (cardinal virtue) good common sense, human reason married to the truth; helps discover what is good in every situation and helps choose the right ways of achieving it
Disciples: any followers of Jesus
Fortitude: (cardinal virtue) gives us the firmness, strength and courage to deal with temptations, difficulties and dangers in doing what is right and true
Confirmation: the sacrament of becoming an adult in the Church; one must be baptized; soldiers of Christ
Mother Theresa: a nun and missionary dedicated to helping the poor in India
Eucharist: the sacrament instituted by Jesus at the last supper; ordinary bread and wine are changed into the body and blood of Christ; a sacrament and a sacrifice
Temperance: (cardinal virtue) enables us to control our appetites for these goods and use them in God-intended ways; moderates the attraction of pleasures and provides the balance of them
Lectio Divina: means divine reading; a way of reading scriptures to focus on what God wants to say to us
Distributive justice: sees to the just distribution of the goods of creation that God intends for all to use and share
Prophet: a special person who delivers messages straight from God
Encyclical: a pastoral papal letter sent to the whole; a formal teaching by the pope
Pope: the head of the Roman Catholic church; Peter was the first
Original sin: the state or condition of sin into which all generations of people are born since the time of Adam and Eve turning away from God; the basis of the Adam and Eve story of the Fall in Genesis
Poverty of the soul: when people are not compassionate for the poor
Consumerism: a social, economic order that encourages the purchase of goods and services in large amounts
Hope: (theological virtue) helps us desire Heaven and eternal happiness, trusting firmly in Christ’s promises and relying not on our own efforts, but on the help and graces of the Holy Spirit; it gives us the