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Reflections based on “Romance with Regret”

1.) This compares to the way I’ve grown up to think of sex very differently, as a male, our society say’s it’s cool to have as much sex with as many girls as possible, it’s one of the first things your friends talk about to you but regardless it isn’t cool at all. (Girls are labeled differently for having sex with lots of different men with hurtful words, you get the idea) Why isn’t this cool? Your virginity is supposed to be a prize that’s “kept and locked away” until you’re married where as if you marry a virgin too, you won’t even have to think about all the dangerous STD’s including HPV which cannot be prevented by condom’s or drugs, the real best way to never contract a STD is to marry a virgin.
2.) Its crazy to imagine that someone of seven billion people, one of them is your future spouse, heck you might even know the person who’s going to be your future spouse, it’s really cool to Imagine that, but it’s also tough to imagine that they are going through the same pressures and curiosities of sex and school just like I am. If I could say something to the high school senior it would be that you should save your “gift” for your future wife. You want to save your heart for your future spouse, every time you give away your heart to the person it’s not meant for it’s like their taking a piece of your heart you can’t get back, unless you wait and find the right person who can “repair your heart.”
3.) What this really means is if you cannot say no your yes is worth nothing, it’s not fair for your future spouse or even you, your virginity is supposed to be kept for