Religion: Want and Best Decision Essay

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Joyce Ferreira
Mrs. SestiniHRE4M1-02
Monday September 8, 2014
Making Choices
Everyday humans face challenges whether they are at work, home or school. These challenges require a choice to be made; the choice will either have a positive or negative impact in your life. In my life I have certainly made decisions in which I had doubts about. In grade 10 I was employed at McDonald’s and every day I was struggling with a job, school and extracurricular activities. If I had free time for myself I would make the best out of it, but sometimes this wasn’t the case. My friends would put me under peer pressure and many times I would fall back at school or at work. I would be pressured to call in sick at work in order to go to a party or hangout with my friends, but in the end it was my choice to either call in or not. I never knew what the right decision was. To either risk my job and call in sick, or to go to work and miss out on a great time.
This is when I had to make decisions. I could go to work or I could call in sick and go to the party. My time was running out and I finally made a decision, I went to work. I wouldn’t be able to have fun at the party thinking that my co-workers and managers would be working with one less person and maybe more. It was the best decision, because in the end of the day I need work more than I need to party. I made this choice because I have a schedule to follow, and I had no reason to miss work for a party. It was a hard decision because I obviously want to have fun with my friends but it