Essay on Religion and God

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- Theism: Belief in one God. (58)
- Atheism: Rejection of belief in God. (56)
- Agnosticism: In between to make the decision about the existence or non-existence of God. (54)
- Indifference: Does not care about whether God exists or not. (53)
- Freedom as compared with commitment: Ironically, the freedom costs the time and effort to find out the options and once you make a decision, you must commit to do it. (1)
- The God Question: It is the question on whether God exists or not. The answers to this question set the value of everything, including the ultimate value of your life. Also, it determines what any human life is ultimately worth. (2)
- “Grow more human”: No human being is perfect but improvable. Only human being can screw up
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It challenges me because sometimes I just want to say that my opinion is correct even though the primary reality says that I am wrong. It is challengeable for me because I have to accept and agree with the true fact even though insights of me have different idea of it.
3&4) My current response to the God Question is that I do believe that God exists. According to my common sense and using the notional knowledge, I do believe and feel that God is always here with me. I do not have exact or absolute evidence to show to prove the existence of God however; I just do know that God does exist. By reading the Bible or the articles that are written by the experts in this area, I can learn more information and knowledge about God. Also, I have seen the eyewitnesses of God both in past and today’s world. People have experienced the miracles by God or heard the responses from God. Bible is the one of the best resources to get to know about God.
The “lived” meaning of my response to God Question in day-to-day is praying to God every time that I have a meal and every night before I go to bed. The prayer means to me a lot to have ongoing connection with God. The reason that I pray before I have a meal is to thanks to God for giving me the food to eat and giving another healthy day for me to live. Also, every time that I pray before I go to bed has more significant meaning than any other prayers. I spend about a minute to pray