Religious: Famine and Defeat Al-shabab Militants Essay

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Famine in east Africa

This is about famine in east Africa Somalia, where people lost everything they have and they really need help. Imagine country with weak government and country with worst drought and famine and people been displace, and the children are suffering the most and the skinny that u can even see there bone and the people are so hungry and most of them are sick and imagine the country who lose it citizens every single day can u imagine how the future would look like if all these problem keep going on. In Somalia they got the worst famine in the world where people are dieing and lost everything they have for example people lost all there money and they houses and the farmers lost there field. The famine are so worst that they have to depend on other country’s to able to survive and the people don’t even have food to feed there families and there a lot other problem involve in the country. The first problem is the drought, there is no rain and the farmers run out of business and the country can not even make there own food, the drought are so bad that even the animals are dieing, and getting skinner and the lands are so dry and they losing there plantation. The southern Somalia has the worst drought where al-shabab control. Another problem is the hunger. The people are so hungry that they dieing every single everyday and because of the drought the hunger in Somalia get worst years after years and the hunger affect the kid the most. The people in the country are so hungry it like you can see everybody bones showing throws their bodies specially the kids. Another problem involve during the hunger the sickness, it make worst and difficult for Somalia people to survive and it make more numbers of Somalia’s to decrease and it mostly effect the children like the hunger. Some children so sick that they just lie down and have little life left and some are just crying but other most is quite and they so sick that their skin are peeling off (1). And there not a lot of doctors who can help every child who suffering to deaths and most of the children can not even walk they basically going to end up dieing. After U.N declared famine in Somalia the Somalia’s region began to slow and losing a lot number of people and recovery from a disaster has killed over 10 millions of people (2). It like everyday there deaths of people, children, and family’s who are decreasing every time. After a lot of people immigrant from Somalia to country close to them. The U.N wants some people to come back to Somalia so they can farm and grow crops and a lot of people say no. Some of the woman’s say if they return they have nothing over there and where they at now they have food and security (2). The people been displace and they have no big houses to leave and it like all of them leave in tents and a lot of people are barefoot and most of the children have no education. Just some of the children’s go to tents school and its very difficult for the children to learn because they hungry and a lot of them lost their parents lie there father s and mothers and even the tents they leave other countries donate them. The government is so weak that al-shabab do whatever they want in Somalia. They so weak that they cannot even protect their own citizens or regulate there own rules. They have been battling with al-shabab militants for several years and the other countries that help them and deliver foods was block and can not help no more so the al-shabab people could starve to death. Somalia has not been governed by central government since 1991(3). The al-shabab militants are killing the people and they control the southern of Somalia and they like the most powerful militant in east Africa. Some times they just caught people who don’t like them chop their hands off and they stone the people to death, and banning TV (7). The people blamed them for the famine in the country. Later