Essay on Religious Health Care Crisis

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Kari Silver
March 25, 2014
Religious Health Care Crisis
Religious Health Care
The quality of healthcare has recently come under fire and Religious Healthcare Facilities have not been the exception. Rising cost, higher demands on facilities, short of nurses and employees has created a crisis. In this proposal there are options to help keep facilities running at operational efficiency and allow patient to get the quality they deserve at a religious healthcare facility. Religious healthcare facilities allow people of faith to be treated as a whole person due to consideration of their religious beliefs rather than an illness. It is an important component of society that needs some reform to see that future patients will share in this and society on whole will share the greater benefit.
The governing board should take five initiatives for areas of improvement in the core functions of religious health care are given as under (ACHCA, 2013, FACCT, 1997):
Governing board must ensure the services of nursing are planned, take into action, monitor and evaluated to increase the residents and community’s living quality to its maximum level with care.
It should take initiatives to introduce new social service programs. To achieve success, board should ensure the planning, implementation and evaluation of the social service programs that satisfy the social and psychological preferences, needs and wants of the community residents to increase the efficiency of service, life quality and care.
To satisfy the nutritional needs of community people, governing board should ensure planning, execution and assessment of food service program. It will help in life quality maximization and care.
Governing board ensures that the activity program and therapeutic programs are planned, executed and assessed to meet the interests and needs of the community.
Scheduling of the pharmaceutical programs must be ensured to support medical care and improve the quality of care and life.
It is essential to select and implement right measures which align organizational units, integrates initiatives and resources and least but not last improve performance. Measurements should cover three areas which are to operate the whole processes that enable the organization operate and work, lead organization in a clear direction and manage the resources which are needed to travel in the direction in effective and efficient manner. There are several dimensions which can be used for the measurement of performance. Some of them are described as under (Smith, Mossialos, Papanicolas, & Leatherman, 2010):
One of the most significant measurements is satisfaction with the care experience. This measurement’s main focus is on the health plan which is made to deal with the different needs of the population. Multiple questions and measures are used in a standard member satisfaction survey to measure the performance.
Cost of care measurements focus on the health plan, the services provided under this plan and their productivity. The information needed is gathered and compiled in the specific rate of certain trends as well as on high cost facilities and high occurrence. It is the medical manager’s duty to assess and compare his plan with other plans. Most of the medical management activities are engaged towards management of the cost of health interventions.
Effectiveness of care generally focuses on the results achieved by the care and care provided at the clinic. These measures include screening of different types of cancer, follow up after patient hospitalized for mental sickness, examination of the eye especially for individuals having diabetes and treat children with any form of infection. This measure is used for assessing and proving the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization.
Nursing profession and education have an incomparable prospect to deal with the serious matters and issues that are faced by the community and nation’s current religious