Religious Life Essay

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Religious Life
Svontaya Murray
Strayer University

Upon arriving on the planet Earth it is my job to determine if people on earth are religious. To determine this I will try to find out what religion is and what it looks like. Secondly, I will try to describe three examples of behaviors or beliefs of religion observed and then I will explain what the function of religion appears to be on Earth. In conclusion, I will try to determine how else my observations could be interpreted.
Religion is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems, and worldviews that establishments symbols that relates humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values. Many religions have histories, symbols, traditions, and scared histories that are intended to give a formation to life or to clarify the origin of life or the universe. Religious is a very broad term that describes a person that has beliefs about many unproven or unknown parts of our existence like how did mankind get here and what makes us different than other forms of life on the planet. Religious people most often follow the beliefs of their parents, live similar lifestyles and share traditions with people of the same faith. I will start my journey where I studied Christianity. In Christianity, the people attend church every Sunday or chose to worship a higher power called God. The people of Christianity follow Ten Commandments that states: Thou shall not, steal, kill, lie, worship idols, use the lord name in vein, commit adultery, covet what your neighbors have and so forth. These commandments are found in the Christian Bible that they hold as the Word of God. Christians hold ceremonies at church, such as, weddings, baptisms, christenings, and funerals. When Christians want to join in union together, they get married and start living together as one. A ceremony called baptism is held at church; when a person wants to cleansed of their sins they have committed, they get baptized. A funeral is ceremony to mourn the dead. There are also holidays that Christians use to honor their God, such as, Christmas, Good Friday, and Easter. Christians uphold this expectation by loving and serving God throughout their life using the Bible as their guide. Christians are God’s workmanship, to do good works. They are fully