Essay on Religious Life of Planet Earth

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Helene Booker

Assignment 1
Religious Life of Planet Earth

Helene Booker
February 5, 2013
Dr. Daniel Marcelle
Religion 212
Strayer University 2
Religious Life of Planet Earth
Religious is a word that has been traced back as far as history of man himself. That us what archaeologists and anthropologists tell us. Even among the most “primitive” that is to say undeveloped civilization there has been evidence of worship of some form. In fact The New
Encyclopedia Britannica says that “as far as scholars have discovered, there has never existed any people anywhere who were not in some sense religious.” As Christians, it is our duty and call to make sure that everyone has a place at the table and every voice has the opportunity to be heard. Respecting the dignity of every human being requires taking the time to have honest and faith conversation that respects the rights and freedom of all. There are many different kinds of religions and cultures but we all serve the same God. We all experience religion in a different manner no two people serve the same way. Religion changes out life and lifestyle it is a primary example of who we are and how we strive to see ourselves as human beings. It is the culture of our foundation and gives us the hope that all things are possible. We are influence by what changes us and how it makes us a better person if we practice what we preach then we live by example and that is the core of religion leading the way for others to follow. In the many different religions Jews, Christians, Methodist, Baptist, there is a certain way they serve and practice religion, the Jews worship by obedience to God, Methodist worship by vows of baptism with humble integrity, trusting God, Christian worship by being Believers, and

3 Baptist are Born again Believers. But this list can go on and on when we talk about the different kinds of religion or religious beliefs. Based on what I see on earth is that in this 21st Century the religious relationship has taken a change. It seem as though people are coming more and more close to their religious faith. Going to church, Mass, Temple