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I did my observation on 1 (one) religious institution. The church experience was on my home church the Greater Christ Temple Church. The church is located in the City of Atlanta, GA. in the Historic Grant Park Zoo vicinity. My father the late Bishop Willie B. Mitchell Sr. was the pastor and founder of the church facility. In the late 1960’s the neighborhood of Grant park was changing from a racially all white section to a mixed racially section where Black Americans were moving into this area at an increasing rate. The church exponentially grew and in the year of 1975 the old church was torn down and replaced with a new 500 seat facility. My father was a self trained preacher and pastor. I use term self trained to describe his educational level, but his empathy for others and pastoral skills were superior. My father died in 2009 and my brother took reign of the church. My brother’s name is Elder Dennis Mitchell, Sr. The church under my brother’s leadership struggled immediately after my father’s death; however, it’s persevered and is persevering for identification after Bishop Mitchell’s death. Under the current leadership of Elder Dennis Mitchell, Sr. the church’s philosophy of education is continuing the legacy of its founder. Greater Christ Temple’s denominational persuasion is of Pentecostal/Apostolic/Holiness influence. The church’s membership is comprised of nearly 100 percent African Americans. I think that the philosophy of education I have learned from my affiliation with this church is that music and musical instruments are important in the praise, worship and preaching process at this church. I have observed that since this church is predominate African American which is indicative to the gospel music, dress style, preaching vernacular and churches atmosphere is very important of how the church educates directly and indirect its members. It’s assumed that the members of this church was socialized, trained and taught a specific way to praise, worship and thank God of their individualistic (personal) understanding. I have learned that men are largely in control and regulate the power structure at this church. Mostly men are the gender that normally preaches the word of God. I have learned through- (visual, auditory and verbal) that its highly encouraged, motivated and respected to get out of your seat to participate in the praising of God like clapping your hands, stomping your feet, shouting out verbally, and collectively in reverence to God. I have learned through seeing (vision observation) that the church is governed by the ushers, deacons, ministers, financial and other auxiliaries directing and guiding the parishioners to abide and be governed by the churches rules, laws and ordinances. I have learned that the God that is being worshipped in this church is known or regarded by a gender of a male- as a He. I have learned through listening, talking to other church members, and visiting other churches with this church that the philosophy and ideology of this church is associated with the spiritual process of “speaking in other tongues” is the proof of receiving the Holy Spirit. The biblical scripture reference is Acts 2:38 that supports the way this church baptizes that reads, “Peter said to them, ‘Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ so that your sins may be forgiven; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit’. I have learned that receiving the Baptism in “Jesus” name is the only way this church baptizes its members and acknowledge this is only way to enter into the kingdom of Heaven. I have learned through visual observation that it’s a possible challenge for people that do not dress up in a church going fashion might feel inferior or less than. I have learned that it may be a possible challenge for people struggling with money resources might feel unwelcome or uncomfortable because the pastor or church leaders