Essay on Religon: Buddhism and Yoga

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Raja yoga, raja means Spiritual knowledge, which is considering about what are the completely change of body and soul for a human life to a situation of everlasting peace Even you like it or not, happy or sad, you still share your dedication for people who needs you.

Jnana yoga think knowledge has lower and higher level, in lower level we learn about what is surface of life like human’s behavior but in high level of jnana yoga we learn about what human’s spiritual through surface and to feel and understand them.

Karma yoga, karma means behavior, no matter physical or spiritual. Karma like our behavior of aggregate includes our past, present and future. Karma is not just an action it’s showing the result of actions too.

Bhakti yoga. Bhakti is about understands our body have soul in it, so we can connect our soul to God, then we use God’s words to lead us to the right way when we confused about the life, so we can feel the real happy and calm.

In the spiritual way, yoga is a way to look deep down of your soul and heal your body and spirit.
When you doing yoga, your mind is clear, so you can feel what is inside of you, then you can help yourself to solve the problems which are bothering you.
In the physical way, yoga can help you honing your body and mind to be healthy by practicing day by day.
Today, there still have many types of yoga in the world we didn’t know, in physical and spiritual way. But I think if that yoga is helping you on the healthy way, why don’t we try for it?

The differences among Theravada and Mahayana are showing in many ways. First, I think Theravada it’s like a perfect human who know most of the things but not so well, they use analyze to guess what they saw and try to explain it, so I think Theravada is on human’s view to look at this world.
In Mahayana is like budda, he knew everything (like past, present and future) and everywhere (like universe and planet). So I think Mahayana is on…