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Housing Project
Grade 12U Catholic Studies
By: Taylor Galvano

Prices of Items
Total: $4450.00


cost ($)


15x15 room in cement



15x15 room in wood



15x15 plywood with shingles



3x3 with screen (2)



1.5x3 bench


4x5 table


1.5x2 chairs (2)


fire pit with grill





3x6 hammock (3)


6x5 double bed






20x20 barn


running water


5x5 bathroom with shower




3 feet shelves (2)



3 foot door


fruit trees (5)


chickens (7)


roosters (7)


cows (2)


goat (2)


sheep (2)


seeds (11)




The reason that I chose to buy the 20x20 barn for each family of 5 is because it is a lot more convenient. I have a lot of animals for the family and instead of buying a chicken coop for the chickens and roosters, then having to buy a fence so that the other animals don’t escape. Buying the barn was much easier because all of the animals that I bought can go in it.

I chose to put a bathroom inside of the house including a shower. I did this because I thought it would be more sanitary, whereas if i had a toilet and shower outside. Having them outside would attract a lot of bugs and could cause the family to get sick or catch something, and being that they live in a third world country they might not have the right medicine to treat it and they could die.

The 3 foot window with the screen was a good choice I think because, it lets in and gives them fresh air. Also because there is a screen which will keep out bugs when they are sleeping and eating. This will again prevent illnesses towards them from the bugs that are in their country.

I bought the outdoor fire pit with grill because I think it will be a lot more safe to have rather than having a stove inside the house. If something were to go wrong and there were to be a fire inside the house, it’s going to be a lot of money to fix the house, money they don’t have. Also if they have a fire pit outside, being that they live in a third world country it doesn’t rain that often. So they can use it whenever they need to.

I chose to buy running water because it's really convenient for the families and easily accessible. Although on well is shared among five families it is