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Rashad Elliott
Mr. Helm
English 1
A Peaceful Mind Generates Power
“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”
Dr. Vincent Norman Peale I believe in the power of positive thinking. A positive outlook on life is one of the most powerful assets a person can own. Life can bring amazing experiences when I have positive thoughts.
Maintaining positive thoughts each and every day makes a huge impact on how I live my life. Learning how to get rid of negative thoughts was difficult in the beginning. I was surrounded by negative people. These people had an enormous impact on the way I was carrying myself in day-to-day interactions.
I started to miss a tremendous amount of days in school. I always over achieved, and I started to under commit myself. I trained well as a martial artist for a year. I was always winning first place in any competition my Jiu-Jitsu classmates and I attended. Months before deciding not to complete my journey for a black belt. I fell off completely on my routines and I didn’t give my all into the exercises we did. I take 100% responsibility for my life, but the people I was hanging around with reduced the amount of productively I would normally produce.
Today, when I experience a problem, I just don’t look at it and get all upset and depressed about it. I make my problems work for me. Then I look at it from all sides and use it as a challenge.
Recently I acquired a desire to read. One of my biggest problems in reading was reading out loud. I’d stumbled over my words and it wasn’t fluent as it should be. Just this past summer, I would go out on my porch and record myself reading aloud. If my time was over one minute reading a single 150 word passage. I would start again and again until I achieved my desired time. This went on for about three weeks every single day. This exercise resulted in faster reads and better