A Brief Note On The Boy

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Pg.1 Morris and Chuck are going to school they approach a bully named Christian.
Christian takes other people’s lunch money and directly pounds their face.
Pg.2 Christian approaches the boys in an up to no good fashion. He looks over the kids and says, “Give me your lunch money or else”.
Pg.3 Right away Morris says, “Here you go no problem” and he puts his head down.
“What are you waiting for”, he commands to Chuck. “I refuse to give you my last”, says Chuck in a fake yet confident way.
Pg.4 “So you think you are tough huh?” says Christian. Chucks sits there in silence. Eventually, Christian strikes leaving Chuck flying to the ground takes the lunch money and carries on down the street.
Pg.5 Morris helps Chuck up and says, “You should have just given him the money”. “Well I Can’t just go out like that”, says Chuck.
Pg.6 So the boys carried on to school not yet recovered from what just happened.
But Chuck couldn’t stop thinking about it.
Pg.7 The next day Chuck was driven to school by his mother. His excuse was that he had hurt his knee in gym.
Pg.8 When they pulled up to the school Christian stared at him with a smile. But it wasn’t like a friendly smile.
It was more like a threat kind of thing. Chuck felt Goosebumps. He waited for Christian to enter the school.
Pg.9 The whole school day Chuck had been having mirages of Christian every time he looked at a person he thought it was him.
Pg.10 Now today they were walking to school. Morris and Chuck had once again seen Christian. This time he wasn’t after the money. He just wanted Chuck.
Pg.11 “How you doing ugly pests”, said Christian. “Can you just leave us alone”, said Morris.