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December 3, 2012
Hello All These are some Updates:
TR was sent home from day treatment due to her behavior. They describe that she was rapid cycling, changing from compliant to defiant. She came home and continued that behavior. She had a hard time focusing on herself instead of others and she became physically aggressive when redirected. She threw the plastic three compartment container in the kitchen on the floor. She ended up calming down and apologizing, but she was clear that her behavior was unacceptable.
Mrs. Lola and her came up with a plan for when she loses control and has a melt down:
Asia is to sit in the “Quiet Chair,” in the kitchen for 30minutes. She is not to get up within those 30 minutes. If she does, she needs to go to Johnston memorial and be IVC’ed.also discovered there is a trigger when Asia in her neck area, meaning that when put in a therapeutic hold in which the neck is touched, She is more likely to fight and become more explosive. klkg engaged in group session on Practicing Communication Skills and expressing thoughts and feelings. It was in this group that Nadia addresseds negative behaviors and her dependence on medication. Nadia was knowledgeable and insightful and providedTR with encouragement and motivation. Hopefully this has a good effect on AW. She remained in compliance for the remainder of the evening.
Nadia can go to Corinth Holders tomorrow per TR. Staff is to take her and let them know that Michael Thompson said if there…