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Anon It’s all downhill from here

I never really spent my leisure time looking for adrenaline packed adventures. However I wasn’t going to simple pass when the opportunity presented itself, I was getting bored of the same routine on the weekends. It was usually let’s go watch a movie or shop at this mall, until I got a call for a kayak trip between the cousins. We set our minds to a weekend and prepared for the day. I was excited to change the routine around on a fun family trip. The day had finally come; it was a Saturday morning in fall about three years back. We all meet up at Ranni’s house who was the one who planned it and the oldest of us. The morning was hectic we had all planned to be at the house at ten sharp it wasn’t till eleven when the first of us showed up. It was expected with our family so we always plan thing earlier. The tour wasn’t till two but we still had a two hour drive ahead of us. It was exciting once we had all seven of us rounded up in the car. It was a warm day with a bit of a breeze as we made our way up north. Even though we were late to the house we arrived early to the site. At which point we enjoyed the outdoors and relaxed on hammocks that were set out. I was a bit nervous knowing I wasn’t the best swimmer in case I fell into a drift, but I didn’t know what to expect. A little while later a bus arrived to take everyone down to the river, as we walked in they handed us markers to initial our name inside what seemed like the oldest bus ever. Down and up a rocky road for around ten minutes we finally arrived at the river. People began wearing their gear as the guide explained the process; I don’t know much of what he said, because I stopped paying attention after a minute. Frankly I got bored of him talking after waiting so long to get there, and I was more interested in picking out my kayak that was laid down next to the bridge on the river. Everyone picked either a tube or a one or two person kayak, all of my cousins and I picked a one person kayak. The long awaited journey begins. The first part of the river was long and flat so the mood was calm majority of the people just sat back and enjoyed the sun. While one of our cousins thinks it would be funny to start a flipping war, which was just seeing how many people you could flip over without getting flipped out of your kayak. I felt embarrassed for us, I could fell the eyes on me because we were the only ones splashing and laughing while everyone was laid back, but after a while I joined in on the game. I remember being flipped over and having the kayak hit my head when I was trying to resurface. As we got farther into the river there were small steep and the tides were a lot faster. The memento had increased rapidly I was starting to get a rush from it. What made this part of the river beautiful were the open scenery and the ginormous lake houses situated right next to it. The pace settled down and it was back to its original speed. Ranni having done this before was talking about the big drop at the end of the tour. My stomach dropped the way he talked about it, like it was straight out of a cartoon scene. As we got closer to the final drop the tides were at the fastest they’ve been I was second from our group in line for the drop when I witness Hamdi drop down. Now I was scared out my mind there was no turning back I felt my mind cluster as I stop paddling and looked ahead. The site was close by but my mind made it seem far away as the water was rocking the kayak left and right. The drop was thrilling, but of course a lot more exaggerated than Ranni explained it. I had assumed the tour was over and the big drop was the finale but I saw Hamdi up ahead so I followed. I caught up with her and we talked about how fun the drop was as we continued along. It wasn’t till about five minutes later that we realized no one was behind us. I just…