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The Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum helps people to remember the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building that happened on April 19, 1995. Part of this memorial is known as “The Fence”. Originally created to protect the site of the bombing, The Fence is now displaying hope and comfort for the people who have lost relatives, friends, and endeared ones. This feeling of comfort and hope comes whenever you look at The Fence, because you see everything that has been left there. Every item that you see represents someone who cares about the people who died on that devastating day.
Memorials like The Fence are very important for hope and healing. People leave mementos, notes, and other personal items on The Fence. They do this to honor the people who died from the bombing on that tragic day. Whenever items are left on The Fence, people do it as an act of compassion. Also, they do it to show that they care. The Fence provides hope and healing for people when they leave things on The Fence because they get to go to one particular place where they leave certain things to let the dead people know what is going on in their old life.
People that go to The Fence are motivated to leave things there because they feel a connection between the people who died and themselves. Even those that did not know anyone who died on that day still sometimes leave things at The Fence. They do this because they want to show the survivors left behind that they care. One other reason