Remember The Titans: Symbolic Functionalism

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There are many main perspectives in Remember The Titans. Three of the main perspectives are symbolic interaction, where you consider the symbols and details of everyday life, what these symbols mean, and how people interact with each other. Functionalism, where each aspect of society contributes to society's functioning as a whole. Lastly, conflict theory, where the rich class believe themselves to be superior to the poor class.
There are many cases of symbolic interactions in Remember The Titans. was the whole sport of Football. This was a symbolic interaction in the way it represented the conflict between the black communities and white communities in society. However, the team ends up coming together just like the white and black community. A second example of symbolic interactions in Remember The Titans is the team going through all the training to obtain a certain goal. This symbol represents the struggle of the black community trying to obtain respect from the white community. A third symbol in
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At first, the black and white players didn't get along and argued about who should do what, how, and when. This caused the whole team to have a hard time performing the most basic task during practices and games. However once the whole team began to cooperate and respect one another, there skills in football became far greater and they were able to be a great team and win every game. A second example of functionalism in Remember The Titans was coach Boone and coach Yoast. These two coaches represent functionalism because the white players would only play if Yoast was the coach and the black players would only play if they had coach boon. However, they realize the only way they can have a team, is if they settle their difference and join each other on the field. This means that the black and white players became a team due The the combine coaching of both Boone and