Essay about Remember the Titans

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Gloria Bicolli
Remember the Titans
HRD 363 Midterm

Tuckman and Jensen 1977
Tuckman and Jensen model focuses on the development of internal relations among the team members. There are 5 stages, Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning.
The movie Remember the Titans was very inspiring especially because it is based on a true story. This movie showed all of Tuckman’s 5 stages.

Stages of Group Development
The first stage is forming; this is when members get to know one another. This is one of the most important stages. In the movie, this occurs when all of the football players are in the gym ready to meet Coach Boone. All the different race groups were together. In this interaction, the athletes have come together
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It is the little interactions we have with one another that make us a team. Another scene is when Jones is put on defense and blocks a pass. This shows that they are starting to perform and work as a team and this blocked pass is a turning point in the game and the way they are playing together. The Titans end up winning the Championship. This is the final step to the performing stage when they win. Coach Boone stated that the team did their absolute best and that is all anyone can ask for. A great team can win championships. They started out in the beginning by arguing and fighting to winning not only because of their skills and talent to play football but because they each worked as a team to achieve the common goal.

The final stage is adjourning; this is the stage where the task is completed and end of the group. This can be later on in-group development; it can even be months or years. This stage is shown in Remember the Titans when Gary dies several years later the team still came together for his funeral. This is how you know the real meaning of a team, even after you break up and go your separate ways you still support each other and are there for each other in difficult times. It did not matter black or white, they were a team and they were like family who came together to make a difference. At the funeral scene, the teammates are humming to their song they had together. This was extremely touching. Coach Boone really made a