Remember the Titans Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Multicolored Dream In the movie Remember the Titans Coach Boone gives a speech on the battle ground of Gettysburg. Coach Boone was hired and made head coach over the nominated Hall of Fame Coach Yoast. Racial tensions were building between team members because their school, T.C. Williams became integrated. His team of football players had a problem with open prejudice and hostility between the black and white players. After a day of bad practice, Coach Boone took his team out for a run in the middle of the night through the forest to deal with the issue. When the players were finally given a chance to breathe they realized that they were at the Civil War battle ground of Gettysburg. He utilizes his strong demeanor and gives a speech …show more content…
The matter of Gettysburg and their American history was a strong point of ethos in Coach Boone’s speech. Finally, Coach Boone used logos to begin his speech to his players. He states “[f]ifty thousand men died right here on this field” (Boone). This gave the boys a reality check about their animosity against each other. People gave their lives fighting one another just because of the color of their skin. Would they too let discrimination take their lives? If their acts of resentment continue they would also lead a future with a similar ending. Another example of logos in Coach Boone’s speech is toward the end where he expresses the idea of working together (Boone). Because of the racial differences the team had not been able to work together, but if they were able to respect each other and cooperate, then it is logical that they would have better chance of winning. Though it did not seem prominent within Coach Boone’s speech, logos had an effect on the players. With this speech, Coach Boone was able to inspire the Titan’s football team to work together despite the color of their skin. He triggered a lot of emotions like repentance when he addressed their heritage and made a connection with the Civil War to their current lives. By using Gettysburg as their setting and a reference it also contributed to his ethos, and made his speech credible. Lastly, the logical conclusion of working together to improve their team gave the