Remember the Titans: an Analysis of Different Leadership Styles Essay

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Remember the Titans: an analysis of different leadership styles This paper shows the different leadership styles and how it can affect the team results. both the leaders try to motivate the team, one tries to motivate them extrinsically and the other one intrinsically. The paper says there is no right or wrong style of leadership, but a true leader motivates others to develop those leadership qualities in them and do better. This paper gives a description of the coaches and the team players who showed leadership qualities even in the most difficult situations because they knew that their team needs them. It also describes the contribution on these players in their victory. They forgot their difference and played as a team.There were no …show more content…
He at one point undermined Boone’s decision and asked Pete play for the offence side. He later learnt that by doing this he was not helping but might be weakening Pete. Yoast learnt about leadership from watching Boone. Yoast then works towards achieving the same goals and vision set by Boone, which was to have a strong team and could only be achieved through unity among the team. He at the end of the final game unites the whole team by working with coach Boone. The offence and the defense team that worked independently with Yoast and Boone respectively were then treated as a whole team and coached by both the coaches.
Gerry Bertier

Gerry the captain of the football team Titans was very influential and had credibility and power to sway the decision of the white players. When Gerry sees the benefits of being united and working together, he starts to believe in the message and works towards it. When Gerry gets mad at Julius for his attitude, Julius tells him that attitudes reflects leadership. His first initiative to be an effective captain is witnessed when he gets mad at Ray for not blocking. When back from the camp Gerry still tries to interact with the blacks and keep his team united. He leaves his girlfriend to be with his new friends, this commitment towards his team helps build trust among them. Cutting off Ray from his team helps him ensure that the team stays united as even one wrong person in the team can