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Renaissance art in fifteenth century Italy set the standard for art throughout the whole world. Humanism is defined as “a system of thought that very gradually replace medieval conceptions of man based on the knowledge of European antiquity, a new appreciation for the individual, and a man-centered universe.” Humanism was the start of the whole renaissance movement. Meaning rebirth, the term renaissance wasn’t applied to this time period until later. However, art during this time pretty obviously went through a rebirth. The center of this transition took place in Florence, Italy. The Medici family pretty much ran Florence. Their money came from banking and the power followed the cash. The Medici held a contest to see who had the best idea to build a freestanding dome on the top of the Florence Cathedral. The architect who won was a goldsmith by the name of Filippo Brunelleschi. Now one of histories most famous names because of his dome, Brunelleschi designed one of the architectural gems of the era. The dome is a double shell supported by eight very large and sixteen lighter ribs running down the dome. The dome was constructed, and still stands as one of the greatest architectural achievements in history. Sculpture was also incredible in Florence at the time. The sculptures that decorate the Orsan-Michele show the quality of Florence’s sculptors. Donatello’s St. George, Banco’s Four Crowned Martyrs, Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise, and Pollaiuolo’s Hercules and Antaeus show the absolute quality of the sculpture in renaissance Italy. Painting in Florence was trail blazed by Tommaso di Ser Giovanni di