Renaissance: Elizabeth I of England and Queen Elizabeth Essay

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Women during the Renaissance

· Most women were controlled by men from there father, to brother, and then to their husband
· They were to marry and have children
· Their job was to take care of the household and cook
· If a women didnt marry she had to become a nun
· A women could only work if she was widowed or divorced
· If a women did work she was underpaid

Education during the Renaissance

· Education didn't seem important to give to women
· Some higher status women were given an education up to an extent
· lower status women could only study to be a good housewife and future mother

Women during the 1800s

· Women were controlled by the men in their lives
· Sole purpose of a women was to find a husband, serve the husband, and have kids
· Stay home to cook, clean, and take care of kids
· If a women were to stay single she would get ridiculed and pittied by the community

Education for Women during the Renaissance

· Some womens colleges began to take root in the mid 1830's
· Education was rising for women
· Women were still not equal as men were
· Women would fight for equality of education during this period
· They began to take central roles in education

Womens lives during the Renaissance and 1800s were very much similar because they stayed home so they could cook, clean, and take care of the children. Education for women during the Renaissance was limited to almost none while during the 1800's more progress in womens education was being presented.

Queen Elizabeth

· Born September 7, 1533