Renaissance Fair Short Story

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Wouldn’t you like to have the ability to go back in time? I go back in time every year, just head to a Renaissance Fair. This year was special to me, this year was the most fun I’ve had. My girlfriend (Alana), my Aunt Erin and Uncle Devin, my Aunt Chelsea, my cousin Archer, my grammy and pappy, and myself went to the Fair sometime in October. This fair is located about three hours away at PA Ren Faire but it’s worth the drive. I go every year but this year I took my girlfriend along to join in on something that I love.
I woke up that morning and got ready for church, when the rest of my family was ready we headed to the church and ended up arriving a few minutes late as usual. I walked into the church and saw Alana sitting on the couch where
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Erin led us into an incense shop, it was a strong smelling shop but all the different scents of the incense sticks were pretty amazing with how realistic they smelled. But then our day came to a close for a little bit. We were trapped inside of the incense shop because there was a storm, it was downpouring hard and so many people had to try and fit into a little cramped shop just to not get completely soaked by the rain. Then thunder and heat lightning started coming which had more people entering the little shop to get out of any possible harm. It felt like we were stuck for hours but in all reality it was only around half an hour, we left the shop and then walked back to a little bit before the entrance to sit down and get food since it was time to eat dinner. We all either chose from a whole turkey leg, cheeseburgers, or soups, and french fries as a side. We got done pretty fast since we hadn’t eaten a lot all day but then I took Alana to a knife and sword shop that was a few feet away from us. I’m very passionate about knives and she seemed interested in what I was explaining to her about the knives and swords and different types of each. As night started to fall we headed over to a duel reenactment that had special effects and was well organized with amazing actors. There were fireworks at the end which just added a dramatic ending which everyone found interesting. When it