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Renaissance Sports There were many sports played during the time of Renaissance. These sports include jousting, swordsmanship, horsemanship, wrestling, hand to hand combat, and board and card games. There were many variations of game or sport for every category. It really depended on where you lived; the traditions and rules surrounding the game differed pending on where you were brought up. All of the games and sports played were either very physically or mentally demanding. The board and card games were not just entertaining, time passing techniques but rather a very tough mental challenge that was meant to take time to complete. The sports and games started as entertainment for the king, more of a theatric performance than a competition. The kings knights would complete all the tasks set in front of them; getting a workout while entertaining their liege. But soon, the games and sports spread through traveling musicians and nights and became very famous and competitive. When we think of sports, we tend to think of the modern sports played only here in the good 'ole US of A; we forget that the Renaissance is where it all started.

Storytelling in the Renaissance The "tellers" of the Renaissance were people who traveled during the Renaissance that told the stories of the morals and meanings of live. England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland all had traditions and differences when it came to storytelling. Some of the stories told then are still familiar to us now. However,…