Rene Cronquist's Code Of Ethics In Nursing

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In addition to the nurse practice act it is pertinent that all nurse familiarize themselves with the code of ethics for nurses. The nurse’s code of ethics is what is used to govern the quality of care that a patient receives. Last semester, the privilege was given to listen to Rene Cronquist, the director of practice and policy at the Minnesota Board of Nursing, where she explained how the Minnesota Board of Nursing in association with the American Nursing Association developed a “code of ethics that speaks to the morals of nursing and what is expected from an ethical perspective” (Cronquist, 2015). This helps to establish a professional standard of nursing care for the public, by ensuring that “today's nurses […] have in place several key elements that guide the profession, such as an accreditation process for education, a rigorous system for licensure and certification, and [follow the] relevant code of ethics” (Epstein, et al, 2015). If these specification are breached or not followed it could mean drastic measures for the nurse which include but is not limited to the loss of one’s license. Therefore it is pertinent that nurses remain fully aware of the moral standard to which …show more content…
1057). Within the healthcare setting a leader is expected to set direction, build commitment and confront challenges that arise from innovation, change and turbulence. However what determines the success of the leadership is its style. The type of leadership style that I think will foster strong health care team is the democratic leadership. According to Wilkinson this type of leadership nurtures “motivation and creativity” (p. 1058), as it provides guidance rather than control. As an aspiring professional nurse being a part of a team that encourages me to be a part of the “planning and decision making” (p. 1058) process, will not only stimulate growth on my part but also increase optimal patient