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To whom it my concern,

Hello my name is Omari Martin; as far back as I can remember I have wanted to attend Detroit Renaissance High School. Since learning what is required to become a student at Detroit Renaissance High School I have worked hard to maintain the required grade point average as well as citizenship requirements.

I currently attend David Ellis academy west, for my 7th grade year I attended David Ellis academy east. During my 7th Grade year I achieved merit scholar honors my entire 7th grade year for which my certificate is enclosed in this appeal package. I also was a member of the basketball and baseball team while attending David Ellis east and participated in males Appling practical sense after school activity during my stay.

As far back as I can reamer I have wanted to attend Detroit Renaissance High School. This has been the goal of myself, my parents, and several of my teachers whom I have express this too. Since I was in 6th grade I dreamed of going to Renaissance and pursuing my dream of graduating from Renaissance. I have also done lots of research and heard lots of thing that interest me in Renaissance. My goal is to become a Nero surgeon.

I plan on attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where my grandfather received his master’s degree in clinical physiology and also where my aunt received a master’s degree in psychology. I know that what Detroit Renaissance high school has to offer me will better prepare me