Program Intervention That Addresses A Major Issue In Maternal, And Family Health

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APA format

In the intervention paper, you will describe and analyze a program intervention that addresses a major issue in maternal, child, and family health. The paper will be four to six pages, double spaced, in 12-point type including references, and should include at least three references to outside material. It is due ONLINE on ELMS FRIDAY APRIL 25. You will need to find an intervention that has been rigorously evaluated in at least one published study: You may choose from program interventions that are discussed in the assigned readings and/or in class, or you may choose an intervention that you find in the literature elsewhere. Maternal and Child Health Journal and the American Journal of Public Health are good places to start.
In your paper you will:
1. Describe the target population. Who is this intervention designed to include and exclude? (i.e., a population of low-income single pregnant women living in Prince George’s County, Maryland between ages 22 and 40.)
2. Discuss why this population is being targeted. (i.e. single mothers with limited resources being addressed in a child neglect prevention program because studies show that they are at higher risk of neglecting their children in comparison to the general population). Briefly discuss the literature supporting the need for this intervention.
3. Discuss what the intervention involves. Get specific. What general approach does it take? How are people recruited to participate? How was it developed?