An Analysis Of Repak

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An Analysis of Repak


Concern for the environment has gained considerable popularity in recent years. Thanks to the efforts of a number of environmentalist groups, the level of awareness among citizens all over the world has risen to the highest level ever.
However, awareness is but half of the equation. How can people translate environmental awareness to action? In this regard, Repak is helping Irish people do the actual caring for the environment through recycling.
This paper seeks to outline a marketing plan that will help inform the Irish public what Repak is and what it does. It explains how to implement an online multimedia communications campaign with emphasis on how to create a positive brand that will impact the minds of consumers.
This essay begins with a description of what Repak is and what its present external environment is like. Secondly, it identifies the internal situation at Repak by looking at its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). It then looks at the target market as well as the marketing mix. Finally, it will present several recommendations. Repak and Its External Environment: A PEST Analysis
The Irish industry founded Repak in 1997, with the purpose of promoting recycling. Repak is a non-profit organisation funded by the contributions of the members of the industry. Repak helps businesses comply with the requirements of the law with regard to the recovery and recycling of the items used for packaging the goods and services they sell. Repak does not do the recycling directly. Rather, it pays contractors and local authorities to facilitate the actual collection and recycling of the packaging materials used by Irish businesses.


The following presents a brief political, economic, social, and technological
(PEST) analysis of Repak.
Repak is in a unique position to maximise its relationships with local and national authorities. After all, it is helping businesses comply with the Waste
Management (Packaging) Regulations of 2007 (Repak, n.d.). Local authorities are also bound to benefit from a relationship with Repak because they are being contracted to deal with the collection and actual recycling of the packaging of business products and services.
The economic outlook for Repak is also good. Businesses need to comply with the Waste Management Regulations 2007. As such, they will need to communicate with Repak so that they can meet such regulations. This means that Repak is assured of clients that will use its services.
The awareness of the importance of recycling is gaining more popular support amongst the citizens of Ireland and other countries. As such, companies that decide to become members of Repak will enjoy popularity, too.
Although Repak does not directly engage in collecting and recycling packaging, the technology involved is continuously being developed, and Repak stands to gain from such innovations. One more thing, the Internet and the World
Wide Web are also gaining popularity all over the world. Repak can also develop and use this technology to promote its message and its services.


SWOT Analysis of Repak’s Online Media
Repak is using online media extensively. It has a website, which contains very useful information for people who visit the site. In addition to articles, it has videos, audio resources, as well as a blog. The following looks at the SWOT analysis of
Repak’s online media. Toward the end, some recommendations will also be given for some improvement.
Repak’s website looks inviting, and it utilises earth colours thus giving credence to its pro-Earth advocacy and services. The website can be easily navigated even by a young user. In addition to text articles, the website contains videos that will capture the attention of its visitors. A quick check at also reveals that the Repak