Essay on Reperations of Slavery

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Individual Report #2
Reparations for Slavery

1. What are reparations for Slavery? How long has this issue/topic been discussed?

Reparations for slavery means that in the U.S. people are proposing that some type of compensation should be provided to the descendants of enslaved people. It has taken away from the blacks living now because there is still discrimination because of slavery. This has been a topic since the 1960’s.

2. Are you for or against reparations? Why?
I don’t want to sound racist or anything by my statements, but I don’t feel they should be compensated for things they weren’t even a part of. Their ancestors were the ones who were enslaved. Many of our ancestors went through discrimination and segregation like blacks did but you don’t see them proposing to compensate all of us. If our society could stop with the petty things of judging people by their skin color, this wouldn’t even be an issue today I don’t think. 3. Who would receive reparations? Who wouldn’t? Who shouldn’t?

Blacks who have descendants who were enslaved would be the ones to receive these compensations. People who have no descendants in the U.S. that were enslaved would be the ones who don’t receive them. The people I feel shouldn’t receive it, would be African-Americas who have it good here in the U.S. We can’t just start giving all this money to people who say they had enslaved descendants. It would take years and years of wasted time and money to do all the research to determine who is eligible and who isn’t.

4. Who would pay? How? What fund? Who would control the fund?

The people who would pay would be mainly the white population. They were majority of the ones who enslaved these black individuals. I was unable to find how they plan on getting this money if it ever went through, but I would imagine it would come directly out of our paychecks much like taxes do. Nobody would be willing write a check out to this effort so they would have to forcibly take it from us. The money would probably