Understanding Repertoire And Validating Choices

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Understanding Repertoire and Validating Choices

1. Name of piece: Late Again
2. Written and/or performed by: Metro Street by Mathew Robinson
3. Original key: E Minor
4. Key of your performance: F Minor
5. Full sheet music or chart only? Where did you get the music/chart from?
(for example, name of book/website)
6. Original Tempo: 90
7. Style/Genre: Music theatre

Music theatre is the performance where singing, acting and dancing have equal parts in telling of a story and of emotions. Late Again falls under this genre as it was an original song by Mathew Robinson for the musical Metro Street which was eventually discarded from the finished production.

Late Again is a hard song to portray as it explores a range of emotions throughout the piece. The song talks about a relationship that was good in the beginning, going through to the stages that lead to a breakup and the opinions this character had on these events.
I believe this will be my hardest challenge as I worked last year on being believable. I will be working on my tone for lower notes seem in the song and also the build in voice, not just character, as the emotions in the piece change. Late Again though not requiring as advanced technique as other songs in my program, to achieve a great performance with this piece the inflection of my phrasing will be key. I plan on achieving this by studying my lyrics much like I would a monologue. Such as: underlining words I think are important, understanding where…