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Marking of Smart Production and Environment in China
Due to the development of science and technology, intelligent products have become an indispensable part of our life. In China, to buy smart products have become a fashionable trend such as buying a Smartphone, iPad or eBook and so on. Intelligent product occupies the main position in Chinese nowadays’ market, especially smart phones which almost replaced the “traditional” mobile phone. Therefore, intelligent products affect Chinese market and promote the development of China’s economy.
The dependence of China on intelligent products lead to more and more intelligent products companies move their factories to China. For example, one of Foxconn which produce accessories for Apple is located in Henan province in China. Because of the products in short supply, it makes these factories continual working for producing. Because of the continual manufacture, Chinese environment pollution becomes much more serious than before. Specially, sewage and polluted gas discharged by these factories made the quality of air and water in China decreasing. As a result, a part of smart products companies have combined their products with sustainable development.
Literature Review:
Due to various reasons, China's economy is huge and expanding rapidly. The popularity of intelligent products, especially smart phones, has become one of the most important reasons of affecting China's market and economic development. In the article “Smartphones: China's next great economic indicator”, Hidary (2013) stated that Kai-fu Lee predicted that about 500 million smart phones would be used by the end of 2013 in China. For instance, iPhone and other Apple company’s products are becoming more and more popular no matter in China or in the world. Besides, Apple's products mean more valuable and better than foreign brand products and it has a “magic power” to make people accept and buy it in China. Panzarino (2011) expressed that Apple Company reported the sales of iPhone accounted for forty-five percent of all Apple products sales which are exceeded 100 billion in June 2011. The sale of smart phone in China promotes the development of Chinese market. In addition, Hidary (2013) pointed out that there are some apps, such as eBay’s and Taobao, for both iOS and Android allowed people to do shopping online via these apps. In this way, the economy in China will increase sharply as well. Therefore, the smart production market can promote Chinese economy.
Although intelligent products are becoming much more significant to China business marketing, it makes much environment pollution in China. There are various kinds of pollution. For example, when Apple produces became popular, Charny (2008) stated that some people started to query how apple is green. But Apple Company declined to answer this question, and Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs just announced that Apple was bended to develop environmental protection measures. Nevertheless, Schroeder (2011) indicated that five Chinese environmental groups blamed that the Apple factories in China released toxic gasses and generated “heavy metal sludge and other pollutants”. And due to the disappointing environmental and safety standard, Apple has gotten a serious criticism in its Chinese industry chain. Finally, He (2012) said “Apple Inc. has agreed to a jointly monitored audit of pollution controls at one of its supplier's factories in China”. Thus, smart production is not only affecting the development of economy but also destroy the environment.
As people pay more and more attention on the environment, people begin to connect intelligent products with the sustainable development. First, eBook as a new kind of smart product is becoming more popular. Environmental News Technology Analyst (2009) expressed that Cleantech Group did a new study about using eBooks and paper books, and the study showed that eBooks are better for the environment than