Essay on Report: Abuse and Care Home

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The Blue Robin Care home is not currently effective in reducing the amount of neglect and abuse.

An advocate can help improve Mikes experience because he will always have someone to speak for him and he will experience what happens if he is ever abused. He will also be able to tell anything to his advocate that he is worried about or anything that needs to change in the care home.

A key worker can play a very important part in Mike's life as he is the person that most relates to him. His key worker can also tell the care home owner complaints that he has for example: The security of his room because it wasn't safe and people could easily get into it. Also when he wants to be able to make his own food and be independent and they aren't letting them. The key worker can help in the risk of abuse because they can tell the home what is happening to him.

The Care Home Owner should be able to help Mike gain experience and get himself a job in computing by getting him his own computer and better WiFi. They can help the risk of abuse by giving him security on his room and let him be more independent than he is now.

His parents can help with the abuse and have him at home. That way they can keep an eye on him all the time. Also he can get more help at home because it will just be him they have to keep an eye on. He can also gain experience at home as he can make his own food and make his own decisions at home. He can also launch his career because he will have his own…