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Segmentation Targeting Promotion

Segmentation helps divide the market into in to smaller groups of customers who have distinct needs, characteristic or behaviours that my require different types of products or service. Segments will help identify the target market. (Kotler and Armstrong, 2005)

Demographic segmentation will be used to help identify the target market. Demographic segmentation is very useful as look at factors such as will be used to segment the age, gender and occupation, etc. This type segmentation is very useful, as it help identify customers according to the factors. Whit this kind of segmentation customers need and wants are normally very closely to the factors. This will also help see who is downloading the application, so it enables to monitor the demographic factors of the customer. (Kotler and Armstrong, 2005)



The target market for this application is people with children, so in other word mother. If mums download the app and show it to kids would enjoy looking at all the different recipes and decide what ones they want to try to make. Also this provide a shared experience with mother and child, it would allow them to do something together while sharing quality time.

Also the kids cooking application would be made available on all popular smart phones. The windows phone has something called the kids corner is feature that allows parents to control what application the kids can access, it popular among parents with young kids, if the parents download the kids cooking application and place in the kids corner, this would encourage them to look at it and potentially use the recipes and other features on the app. If the application is placed in the kids corner on the window phones, kids will look at out of curiosity, which will allow them to see all the recipes and explore the application. In this way the parents can engage the kids with application, giving them something different to do which is fun, educating and healthy.


There a lot ways of promoting a product, for the application the following methods can be used: affiliate marketing and TV advertisements.

Affiliate marketing…