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Introduction 3
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Developmental Disorder is popular among children, but some parents might mistaken it with the children is being naughty or not paying attention and tolerate the disease. Children who are suffering from this disorder cannot acquire normal developmental skills of their age. There are many types of Childhood Developmental Disorder, Comprising Language Disorders, Learning Disorders, Motor Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders. The character in our case study is suffering from Autistic Disorder, a kind of Autism Spectrum Disorders; therefore, we would further illustrate Autistic Disorder with case study of the movie that we have chosen.

Description of Autism Spectrum Disorders
According to Dr. John Grohol, Childhood developmental disorder is mostly seen and diagnosed when children are at school-age (Grohol, 2006). These disorders usually improve as the child grows older, but they also entail impairments that continue through adult life. There is a strong genetic component, and more males are afflicted than females.
Autism spectrum disorders in short form ASD, it includes Autistic Disorder, Rett’s Syndrome, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, Asperger Syndrome and other not otherwise specified Pervasive Developmental Disorder.
Movie Description
Summary of Ocean Heaven
Ocean Heaven is a story about a father, Wang Xincheng (Lao Wang) and his son, Wang Dafu. Dafu is a 21 years old boy who suffering from Autism, he started living only with his father since he was 3 years old because his mother left them in an accident. He was good at swimming which is inherited by his mother. Dafu and his father maintain a good relationship and he relies on LaoWang very much. One day, LaoWang discovered he got liver cancer and it was already the later stage. At first he decided to jump into the sea to commit suicide with Dafu since he was afraid of no one will take care of Dafu after LaoWang died. However, because of Dafu is so good at swimming, they failed to commit suicide. After that LaoWang thought that to commit suicide is not the only way, he then started to teach Dafu the necessary life skills in order to help him to survive on his own before he passes away. At last, after LaoWang died, Dafu remembered all the things his father taught him and he can live on his own and take care of himself.

Character Description
Background of Wang Xincheng (acted by Jet Li)
Lao Wang works in an aquarium; he married a woman and has a son. Unluckily, his wife left in an accident, leaving him and his son together to move on. He raise Dafu by his own efforts and tries his very best to provide the best for Dafu. He takes care of every needs of Dafu and also seizes every opportunity to teach him especially after he discovered he got terminal liver cancer.

Background of Wang Dafu (acted by Wen Zhang)
Dafu suffers from Autism since he was small. He relies on Wang Xincheng very much and maintains a good relationship with him. He is good at swimming and he loves swimming. He follows Wang Xincheng to go to work and swim in the aquarium while his father was working. After years and years taught and being take care of his father, he learns different skills and could take care of himself.
Base on the movie, Dafu suffers from Autistic Disorder.
The movie clearly shows that Dafu has Autistic Disorder since he was small. He is lack of social skills, have repeated behavior, follow rules in reference to DSM-IV.

According to DSM-IV, there are three criteria in Autistic Disorder,
Criteria A is divided into 3 parts which about impairment in social interaction, impairments in communication and restricted behaviors of the patient respectively.
Criteria B determine whether the abnormal functioning in social interaction, social communication or imaginative play